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Friday, September 8, 2017

#smarterhiphop submission 💣 😎 💣 a peek inside Diskodisco's home studio, new tunes from Phia, Data Black and more


Playing it by ear: Introducing Press Club, Brunswick's newsest punk exports

The very definition of an exciting new band, Melbourne quartet Press Club exploded into existence earlier this year with the release of their frenetic...


Step into the delightful home studio of synthwave producer Diskodisco

Synthwave strongman Chris Lamaro aka Diskodisco is almost too cheesy for his own good, hungering after the kind of muscular, retro-futuristic...

PREMIERE: Phia breaks the binds of gender representation on Oxide

Too often, society lets women have more of a voice when singing about boyfriends or loved ones over science and politics. In her new single Oxide...


Data Black's new EP Simulation is a 3-track guide to making life your bitch

Mixing poetry with philosophy and rapping raw, honest lyrics, Data Black speaks of the past, present, future and all things in between in...

PREMIERE: Ever feel like you're wearing a mask?

Famous by Low Talk is a compilation of symbolism, abrupt montages, subliminal imagery and an intriguing peculiarity...

PREMIERE: Melt your heart back together with Jak Bosci's new single

They say if you truly love something, let it go. While many people actually fail at at putting this to practice, Jake Bosci is the exception to the rule...
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