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Thursday, September 7, 2017

#Smarterhiphop Submission by Oyinda Taps Empress Of for Interactive Music Video Project



Nigerian-British artist Oyinda announces the release of a special remix video project featuring Empress Of, Ramzoid, and Canteen Killa. The interactive 360 videos were created by Pussykrew and you can view them below or stream the remixes on Spotify HERE.

Never Enough (Empress Of Remix), Flatline (Ramzoid Remix), and Serpentine (Canteen Killa Remix)

"Collaborating with Pussykrew on these visuals has allowed me to translate the tone of each track in such a vivid way. The original songs all have a sense of vulnerability within them that can be misunderstood as "weak" or "complaisant". However, these remixes remove that notion completely. There's not a lot of representation working in this medium either so it was important to me that each sculpt felt monumental; each pose felt determined. That's why I pulled inspiration from Greek Mythology, The Terracotta Army, things I thought represented a timeless sense of power." - Oyinda to MILK 

More information below
With the release of her second EP, Restless Minds, Nigerian-British artist Oyinda cements herself as music's shadowy seductress, an antithesis to today's radio-ready pop stars. Dubbed "R&B's best kept secret" by Rolling Stone, Oyinda blurs the boundary of genre with her industrial synth sounds and classical music approach. As an independent producer, singer, songwriter, and director in New York City, Oyinda has created a sonic and visual world that is truly all her own, bringing an unparalleled level of production to her artistry. Look no further than her latest music video, for "Serpentine," made in collaboration with pussykrew, which blends reality with the virtual, elevating her visuals into something cybernetic and otherworldly—two things that seep into her live show. She's been featured by V Magazine, VOGUE, Paper and Interview, FADER, Pigeons&Planes to name a few. 

For media inquiries, contact Ashley Brooke via Ashley@ashleybrookecs.com.

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