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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#Smarterhiphop submission Feature Request // Rapper Billionell Will Exceed Expectations With His New Song GOING UP

Larger than life rap artist, Billionell is ready to set the rap game on fire with his new single, "GOING UP." The rapper/actor has established a name for himself throughout Norfolk, Virginia with his trappy, free-spirited style of hip-hop. "GOING UP" has a cranked up vibe reflective of many huge rap songs today. Give the track a listen and provide me with any feedback.

Does "GOING UP" fit your current stream of content? If so, are you interested in featuring it?

Rapper Billionell Will Exceed Expectations With His New Song "GOING UP"

Listen To "GOING UP" Now

New York, New York (September 6, 2017) - Norfolk, Virginia rap artist, Billionell drops the celebratory track "GOING UP." Its vibe offers a balance of old and new school trap music. The forward thrust of "GOING UP" is a heavily layered, addicting beat. Billionell's catchphrase "GOING UP" is the perfect soundbite for a potential hit record.

Lyrically, the track references Billionell's upward trajectory, capitalizing on his grind. "GOING UP" boasts stimulating lyrics that you will be humming on your ride home. Billionell said in an interview, "I don't watch it happen, I make it happen" and this track can attest to the fact that Billionell is making it happen. Coming up in the streets of Norfolk from a single parent home, Billionell is a proud self-made artist who put himself in this position. He's hot with some reputable collaborations, having worked with several multi-platinum producers and a track featuring Shy Glizzy. He's also slowly developing his acting skills. In 2014, he appeared in 808 The Movie with Yung Joc and Zaytoven.

Although the bulk of Billionell's music is hip-hop inspired, he refuses to be categorized. "GOING UP" is a trap anthem, however his creativity derives from many influences. He found his inspiration to become a musician on tours. Two tours in Iraq, and one in Korea during his time as a soldier for the United States military. Those experiences expanded his mind and created his larger than life persona. Listen to Billionell celebrate his progress on "GOING UP" and catch him wildin' out on social media.

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