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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

#Smarterhiphop Diverse Cardiff artist DFlexXx has started 2023 with a chilled vibe with his new single "CITY LIGHTS," an R&B track that has drawn radio attention

Hi, Cathy here again from 44faced. I'd like to pitch this new R&B single release by diverse Cardiff, Wales artist, DFlexXx, which was released on January 27. You're more than welcome to feature the single on your blog, and/or add it to your radio or Spotify playlists. Below is all the info you should need, and don't hesitate to reach out if you want any more info, e.g. an interview or anything. Thanks! Cathy

DFlexXx, has started 2023 with a chilled vibe, Inspired by H.E.R Slide. The RnB style has already been attracted by radio. The chorus melody is incessantly catchy! With a chilled drive. DFlexXx is notorious for making diverse music.

Stream DFlexXx - City Lights:

About DFlexXx: 25-year-old Cardiff born Welsh rapper Darnell Ramone Williams (DFlexXx) has a unique, credible and commercial sound that is a blend of Hip Hop and Trap - predominantly rooted in the contemporary UK Rap scene. He developed his performing skills from the young age of 6 as part of dance troop Jukebox Juniors who achieved traction following their feature in a BBC Documentary and went on to appear in children's TV shows & in films. Following on from this, DFlexXx diversified After studying music at Bridgend College and ACM London, he discovered his natural talent for rapping and songwriting, and so decided to pursue the path of a professional rapper. Subsequently, he has released 3 other singles and promises a bright future in the music industry. Influences Drake, Chris Brown, Tyga, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Stormzy, Aitch, Nelly, Black eyed peas, NERD.

Follow DFlexXx:

Smarterhiphop is back and will be posting new submission starting tommorrow!

 Life can sometimes make us lose sight of our passions, but I'm excited to reignite my hip-hop blog, SmarterHipHop. In 2018, I hit a rough patch after a head injury that made me forget my plans and motivation. However, starting this new month and year, I'm dedicated to giving SmarterHipHop my full attention. I apologize to my fans who have been waiting for updates and submissions, but I'm happy to announce that I'll be posting new artists every day starting next month. I appreciate the support of my readers and am determined to make SmarterHipHop a success. Let's make this year a fulfilling one for the blog and its fans."