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Monday, October 31, 2011

Making Beats With @Kanyewest find out more @smarterhiphop

 a master at work and doing what he loves to do, making beats. The beat that he is producing in this video is very fitting as the lyrics say, ‘You’re Gonna Be Popular’. Indeed he is. He will reign supreme once again after a brief hiatus and I personally am rooting for him and I’m sureYin & Yang are too. Keep the tunes coming Kanye. Continue for the vid.

21 Superstars under 21 hot hits and millions of fans find out @smarterhiphop

They've got hit records, millions of fans, and the kind of success most musicians only dream of -- and they can't even buy a glass of champagne to celebrate their success. Welcome to Billboard.com's 2011 installment of 21 Under 21, our annual ranking of music's most powerful minors.

From bubbly boy bands to white-hot producers, sexy K-Pop princesses to pint-sized Reggeaton powerhouses, rising hip-hop stars to international pop icons, these are the fresh faces whose careers will continue to pack the biggest punches over the next 12 months. Get used to this crew, because they're all just getting started.

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