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Friday, September 1, 2017

#Smarterhiphop submission Listen to Revlover's funky single “Johnny Brown”

New Music Friday!

Revlover shares single
"The Legend of Johnny Brown"

The Miami based outfit brings us some serious groove and funky tunes with "The Legend of Johnny Brown." The song is an upbeat, infectious track that is difficult to ignore.

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The Legend of Johnny Brown is a song that can as easily be labeled "Gospel Funk" as it can be labeled "Dance" or "Disco".  Its distinct sound, simply stated, is a collision between different approaches to making music.  On the one side is the thinking of Garcia who moved away from the Miami music scene years ago to start what became one of the fastest growing and most influential churches in South Florida. On the other side you have the modern approach of his long-time childhood friend and well-seasoned Miami music scene legend Tony Laurencio.  Tony, also known as Smurphio, has played with almost everyone in town in addition to releasing a volume of electronic music over the last decade with his band, Afrobeta.  This serendipitous reunion of two friends that started their first band in junior high along with the songwriting and powerhouse voice of Megan Morrison (Dorothy's Surrender) has given birth to a unique yet familiar sound that effortlessly connects with the human heart.

The recording process began in an impromptu trip to the Rio Grande Studios in New Mexico.  It is there where the eclectic collection of electric guitar and the dobro were laid down by Revlover guitarists William Boos and Mr. Fabulous using the kind of vintage gear that is often coveted by many recording artists.  The project then returned to the Magic City where it was infused with a modern electronic rhythm section that has become the signature sound of Revlover.

"We were a misfit bunch of dreamers out in the desert of New Mexico.  We brought the music with us but found the mojo there.  Something really special happened when all of our different styles and stories combined." -Megan

The song has plenty of claps, southern style guitars, and soaring choruses.  This makes the track fit anywhere a good mood is needed be it in the car, on the dance floor, or at the beach.

"The Legend of Johnny Brown is a song about celebration even in the worst of times because the stories of our lives are not yet done. Sometimes we need to be reminded that this is just a chapter in our journey with many more yet to come." - Pedro 

You can also stream and get the song on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes

About Revlover

Conceived in a Seattle treatment center by former pastor, Pedro Garcia, Revlover was at first a musical light at the end of a pitch-black tunnel. Its materialization began when the Miami native returned to his hometown and stumbled upon Megan Morrison. Pedro came across one of her music videos as the lead singer of Dorothy's Surrender and invited her to sing on two of the songs. That's when Revlover was born.  

Once Megan was on board, Pedro approached his long-time friend and scene legend, Tony Laurencio aka Smurphio from Afrobeta. Under the trio, a steady stream of songs began to emerge.

No time was wasted. Soon after, Pedro, Megan, Smurphio along with bass player William Boosand and guitarist Mr. Fabulous flew to New Mexico to record their first album at Rio Grande Studios. The timeless desert landscape reflected their state of soul -- boundless and empowered.

Always the perfectionists, the album has been reworked and revisited until all have been satisfied, and it is expected to be released late 2017.

           Respectfully  Almando Mcfadden aka @DJMONDOENT 
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