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Monday, September 11, 2017

#Smarterhiphop Submission Music Submission: Tommie King - Diamonds"

Atlanta born lyricist, Tommie King releases his debut single, "Diamonds" produced by Wayz Whizz. Listen to "Diamonds" on Soundcloud here:

Click to Listen to "Diamonds" on Soundcloud

Tommie King Biography

Making his own music by the time he was nine years-old, recording officially by eleven – the young mogul known as Brian Mitchell discovered his connection to music and natural talent extremely early in life & has kept his focus sharp & skills even sharper ever since.

Doing whatever it takes to survive & thrive, he grew up in the infamous Zone 6 of East Atlanta, well-known for its crime & gang activity, Brian sold drugs to get by as he continued to write, record and refine his growing capabilities.  Putting his heart & soul into every moment and every second of his material, he put 18 tracks together after high-school was finished, stepped onstage to perform and immediately received the confirmation from the enthusiasm & support of the crowd that he'd been on the right path all along.  Inspired by the energy – he seized the momentum and began to slay the mic on stages from the east side of the country to the west, playing shows built on a DIY foundation & grassroots mobilization through social media and the people's love for genuine Rap & real Hip-Hop.

Rebranding himself confidently as Tommie King, his widely-respected lyricism, style & approach to the mic all comes from a place that's humble, honest & intensely real.  Using his music ultimately as a creative outlet & opportunity to delve into the furthest corners of the mind in effort to connect & relate to those around him – Tommie King records everything in under an hour to give each & every cut that fresh sound and live-performance feeling to make a memorable impression with everyone listening.

Because the same magic in that feeling is what got him here to begin with – and it's the exact feeling he's looking to pass on to the world in return.

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