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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#New #HipHop Artist @ShaeMix from #SouthAfrica find out @smarterhiphop

Born Ted Magerman on April 26th 1989 Shae Mix was brought up by his mother Angie Magerman, although his father would pick him up once a year to visit his grandmother he chose never to be a part of Shae Mix's life. Growing up with two siblings, sister's Euphemia and Levine taught Shae Mix how to treat ladies with respect and understanding. At the age of nine Shae Mix was introduced to Eminem's Slim Shady the LP cassette, he fell in love with the idea of telling a story in the form of rhymes and lyrics. At twelve years old he changed schools and used music to make friends, his freestyles and charm made him friends within the first two days. School mates called him Mix because of his ability to mix words and entertain any crowd. When Shae Mix entered high school at the age of thirteen he was challenged by the school's top rapper and came up on top in an old fashioned rap battle. For a long time Shae Mix was more focused in playing soccer professionally than anything else, he hadn't rapped in public for three years until he experienced hardship from the age of nineteen while living in Pretoria. He then began to write songs about his life, wrote verses and felt the need to express himself this way more. His sister moved to Pretoria and encouraged him to live with her, he then met his friend Mpho who learned about his ability to rap and introduced him to Da Mos, a young producer and artist who had a studio.
 Da Mos taught Shae Mix the art of recording and gave Shae Mix the opportunity to create as many songs as possible. While making a name for himself in Pretoria and gaining a following Shae Mix experimented with drugs and the abuse of alcohol, he had lost his sister's patience and left her home, he then began to sell drugs to make money to survive in Pretoria. After a few months of revaluation and the support of his mother and sisters, Shae Mix stopped the use and selling of drugs, he returned to his passion of making music and a few months later Da Mos introduced Shae Mix to a man called Craig Geswindt. This resulted in Shae Mix dropping his first official music video (Falling Up) on National Television within a couple of months after signing a contract with Craig. Shae Mix and Craig's relationship grew stronger as they had ups and downs and hard times becoming a name in the industry. Once they had an understanding and a mutual respect they came to an agreement that they could take over the industry as a team. Shae Mix is now a force to be reckoned with, with a new flow on every song and a presence that is felt even by people who do not know him yet he has songs on National Radio, on iTunes, all over the internet, on National television and international radio stations in The US, The UK and even Asia etc. He has made it in harsh circumstances and through all his troubles he still believes in God and vows never to touch drugs ever again. He's quote before every live performance. "My friends say I've made it.... I'm on your girl's play list.... And if you have never met me before, then you can call me ........... Shae Mix"

 This is Shae Mix's first official music video to his first single Falling Up which is currently on rotation on Channel O and radios. New videos from Shae Mix coming soon. Follow him on twitter "@shaemix" and add him as a friend on his personal Facebook page at "Ted Shae Mix Magerman". (For bookings contact shaemixbookings@gmail.com)