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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Evidence proves that the #FBI are evil and crooked! find out @smarterhiphop

F.B.I or Government funded gang bangers

were you like me and knew their was somthing fishy about the so called F.B.I or where you like everybody else that haven't caught on to their evil doing I always wanted to know where the money and the drugs go after they did a drug bust! now i know exactly where it goes! right in there fat little pockets! you do think i know what im talking about huh? well just take a good look at the video below that might change your though process! I always hated the F.B.I and all other government   funded groups that treat loyal citizens like chattel! instead of hard working citizens mean while are keeping us bound by these mental chain of media,music,appeal, advertisements and a whole world of   influence! please join us in this battle where we here to fight for the people and give them  voice that will be heard by their oppressors! we shall let the world now that we see the truth and we will not be fooled anymore!!!