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Saturday, March 23, 2013

off da block to Selling Crack online its legal ? find out @smarterhiphop

Did you know that more and more everyday people are selling crack online local,cops and the FBI are cracking down on more and more drug dealers online! people are making tons of money but selling drugs are easy to sell online because of a site called http://craigslist.com  where dealers set up post that sells something that has to do with a large amount of the drugS then the buyer contacts the dealer then they meet up at a place they can do the transactions! but  there other ways we can't list here were you can buy with your credit card and its legal! dont believe me then search the web or just google selling crack online there are working ways to sell large amounts of drugs locally,national and international levels! All thanks to the internet !!! So my Big and little brothers from another mother i love yall to def but if you are still on the block you needs get far away and to a library with a suite and tie with a briefcase and get on your laptop and get to work! im not in any way say anyone should sell drugs at all im just saying if you gone do it anyway just do it smart got get caught!

& To the fact that you our young black people or should I say young black men are not channeling into what we can be & because knowledge is power if you knew what you was capable of and who you are! You would be an amazing power & you dont even have to sell drugs on the block in 2011 everything has went online so I should see less of my African american brothers in jail! but we all know the system is constructed by the evil powers themselves to keep our people in mental chains, spells,movies,music and what ever else they can think of but we have to fight for whats right!