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Monday, March 7, 2011

wtf? facebook is turing out to be bad for you find out why?here @smarterhiphop

summary: always wonder why you dont want to talk to your family and friends on facebook? 

Facebook is harmful to those who are depressed and worried a lot it could lead to harmful hours of scrolling down your news feed timeline! when you login to facebook and your friends or family members talk to you on facebook but you feel as though you are doing something more important than talk or message back!

Don't feel bad about it! most of us all feel the same way and do the same thing if we wanted to talk to that person you simply would called them! now days its the other way around you would meet or like the person on line then get there #number to call them after you met online you

then call instead of meeting the person and getting contacts in full-person because everybody has become selfish and we all wants our time to our selfs when getting online its a since of self worth what is worth your time for you to interact with your device or all form of communicating. Im' going to list 3 things that I should be putting more effort in to also apply to my timeline of things to do daily!!!

God!: Everymorning I should thank God of giving me life and making a such soul like me for without him i would not be here! also I  need to start studying his letter to us the bible everyday even just  little bit! 

Business!: I really need to focus more on my business and worry bout partying later and just take time to meditate and think about what Im going to do to get where I want to stand in a few years ! as well as making sure I gross every week instead of  losing value!

FAMILY: I care about my family deeply I love every single one of my family members a lot be I also think of my fellow earthlings or humans all are my family and are connected through God! make time for my family more often then planed share my sprite with others and stop hogging it to my self!