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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Most Expensive Car in the World!!!


The GT by Citroën (sometimes spelled GTbyCitroën) is a sports car that debuted as a concept car on October 2 at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The car is a collaboration between the French automaker Citroën and the Japanese racing simulation developer Polyphony Digital. An extremely limited edition, only 6  are to be built.
Polyphony Digital’s Citroën GT is set to become one of the most expensive “production ” (if you can really call it that…) sold today, coming in at £1.1 million pounds or approximately $1.8 million U.S. dollars. AutoCar got the scoop from “senior inside sources”, who revealed that only six of the will be made — all of which will be powered by either a “Ford or GM V8?. That’s considerably less than the 20 production models that were hinted at before, but according to AutoCar, “most of the concept’s features should make the final production version, including the carbon-fibre construction and eccentric interior details such as the copper trim.” Sweet! The final production version of the car is expected to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

is there any thing wrong with wanting the most expensive car in the world? is there anything wrong with wanting to drive this car in front of every girl that turned you down? is there anything wrong with simply wanting the best for your self ! if this really and truelly is the most expensive car in the world then I think any one who wants the best of the best for them self should have one! at lease thats my opinion so why would they only make six of them??? someone tell me why???