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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chris Brown's angry tweet about his naked picture online:

Chris Brown’s naked picture is all over the Internet today and it took a while, but Chris finally made a comment about it on Twitter. The full frontal naked picture of Chris Brown was posted online by an ex.
You can access Chris Browns naked picture from Perez Hilton’s website.

Chris Brown was in a bathroom with a cell phone taking this picture of himself in a mirror. He apparently was doing some sexting to a special someone. Well, that special someone is now an ex, and one with a grudge it would appear. She is the one who posted this picture online.
The lady that posted this naked picture of Chris Brown, is being called his ex and is unnamed at this time. The reason she posted the picture is also not known.
Once the naked picture got online, one website even made a video for it and put the picture to music. World Star has a nice little video going of Chris Brown’s naked picture as he stands in his bathroom, this can also be accessed from Perez Hilton's Website.
After seeing his picture online, Chris tweeted,“WTF!!! Here we go!!!” This only remained on his Twitter page for about 8 minutes according to the website Aceshowbiz, until it was deleted. That was the last we heard from Chris Brown, but his picture still remains.
Chris Brown has not been around these parts in concert for a few years now. Last time he performed in Connecticut was a few years back. It was during his “Fan Appreciation” tour that stopped in Wallingford, Connecticut for one show, according to NBC Connecticut
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