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Sunday, July 14, 2019

#submission @gdotrunna Big Pharma #Smarterhiphopplaylist

 Paul "G. Runna" Simon- The RAW Enterprise- CEO.


Big Pharma is one of those projects that you have to hear from start to finish at least once. Within 28 minutes, this album sheds light upon the direct correlation between what happens in the streets and the practices of big Pharmacutical companies. This is done in a captivatingly lyrical manner, coupled with the intoxicating production of Jay Beato to simulate the blissful feeling of opioids.

Big Pharma offers something for everyone. The lead single that is gaining large amounts of streams daily, "I Really Did It", is a new sound that appeals to backpackers and trappers alike. If you're searching for more of a boom bap hip hop sound, "Wash The Money" is that street anthem that you need to hear. "P.I.L (Poisons I Love) is a love song about addiction that is seductively intoxicating. These are only a few of the songs that make this album a must hear.

All feedback is much appreciated. We thank you for your time Smarter Hip Hop.


Paul "G. Runna" Simon- The RAW Enterprise- CEO

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