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Monday, July 15, 2019

#Submission by @BigNoiseRadio Free Drums, Free Radio, Free Culture | Don't Miss Out On These Huge Deals

MPC-2000XL Bamboo 9556 1200x800 2018b

Big Noise Newsletter

Drum-Wax-CD 3001 1000x667 2019blu
SAVE 50% ON ALL BIG NOISE DRUM SETS! | Brand new drum sample sets...


Brand New Drum Sample CD's
Drum Machines & Samplers

We just released v.02 and v.03 for Drum Wax and v.02 for Ultimate Break Beats. We've also added bundle CD's for these drum sample sets. Volume 1 through 4 for Drum Wax, volume 1 through 3 for Ultimate Break Beats. Save 50% on all Big Noise MPC drum sets!
Big Noise MPC (Music Production Cafe) is excited to announce the release of 100 Free Drum Samples form our existing drum library; allowing the community can get familiar with our drum sound quality. Please download these free drum sounds for your next project.
Hands down, these are some of the best drum samples on the market today. Selected for sonic quality, loudness, unique character and hip hop / boom bap / soul sound; you will love these drums! They hit hard, slap loud, and can lead to disturbing the neighbors, oops... we don't endorse that, but you gotta do your thing.

Vinyl Classics "Drum Wax v.01-04" Drum Samples | CD Bundle

This Drum Wax CD Bundle contains all 4 volumes. Volume 01 through 04, 16bit 44KHz WAV files. These kits contain 244 hard hitting, vinyl record drum samples, plus 29 bonus drum loops. These drums have been hand selected for boom bap, hip hop, low-fi and soul beat production. The "Drum Wax v.01" drum kit is inspired by producers like J Dilla, Kev Brown and Oddisee. "Drum Wax v.02" is inspired by producers like Hi-Tech, M Phazes and K Def. "Drum Wax v.03" is inspired by producers like Nottz, Elusive and Illastrate. "Drum Wax v.04"... (read more)

Akai MPC 2000XL Media Card Reader | ATAPI Flash Drive Kit MC-2000XL In Stock

Less then 100 units left in the world: These units are 100% Hot Swappable; Media can be inserted and removed with the MPC 2000XL Powered ON. Purchase your unit today while supplies last! Easy to install, comes with cables, hardware & MPC installation manual. Download the FREE MPC 2KXL App to manage sounds on your computer, setup the sounds on all 4 MPC banks, then save to media cards. Compatible with SD & CF media. Includes Free 1GB SD Card with Basic... (read more)

Audio Magic XFT10K HiFi 1970 Audio Transformer Pair | Iron Core

This stereo 1970's issue, Iron Core audio transformer pair; brings warmth, color, detail, spacial separation, harmonics and glue to your audio mix. These are the same American made transformers, that were used to build large recording consoles in the Los Angeles area, around the 1970's. They are responsible for that classic 70's sound, sought after on many vinyl recordings. We purchase them from the original manufacturer. Dubbed the Audio Magic XFT10K, our initial... (read more)

Big Noise Radio Stream | HTML5 Compliant

Big Noise Radio broadcasts distinctive hip hop music to all corners of the planet. Featured Radio Shows are updated every 24 hours. This allows BNR listeners to select one of 3 new radio shows everyday. Click on "Load Show" to listen to a new radio show. Featured Radio Shows are automaticly updated at 6:00am PST. (radio stream)

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BNR is an online internet radio station. Streaming distinctive hip hop music, BNR embraces all five elements of hip hop culture. Pillar for hip hop's renaissance, we purvey sonic excellence, present, past & future. Follow us on Instagram for updates & events. (instagram bnr)

Suport B Flatt B2B Spotify & iTunes

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Purchase / Stream B2B on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and More...

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