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Friday, July 12, 2019

#Smarterhiphop #submission New Video! Haiti Babii "Blue Dragon" - Master for Broadcast & Features



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"Blue Dragon"
Label: slyyy ent
ISRC: USUYG1255284 

Click the photo below to download the broadcast master:
Haiti Babii Rips Up Rap's Rulebook In His Chinese New Year-Themed 'Blue Dragon' Video  
Haiti Babii is an enigma of an artist from Stockton, CA. With his 2019 mixtape 'Warriors' that features artists from Philthy Rich to D-Lo, his run in Los Angeles brought him to the Real 92.3 studios to spit an unusual, and extremely unique freestyle with Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed. He made some serious waves with a unique freestyle that went viral, and now the rapper's repackaged the radio performance into an official single "Blue Dragon," which also got a visual treatment.
In the freestyle, Babii unleashed zany ad libs and noises, and also compared himself to a dragon. The performance went viral and caught the attention of fellow rappers like Meek Mill, Chance the Rapper and Swae Lee. "I simply did what every human does in the bathroom or car when they're alone and I used Real 92.3's platform to showcase it," the Californian artist told Complex.
Now, you can check out the song that's come from that memorable freestyle via the music video here:

Haiti Babii - Blue Dragon (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 
Haiti Babii - Blue Dragon (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Rapper Haiti Babii sets the tone for an undefined style with the new track "Blue Dragon." Evidently, the artist continues to distinguish himself with his unique style and musical flow. The structure in the lack of structure is what makes the rapper's tracks so unique as seen in the viral freestyle video wherein Haiti Babii surprised radio hosts with an indescribable performance. Moreover, in reference to the rapper's particular moment, he quoted: "I want to keep it authentic. Original. All over the place. So, people can learn to keep their mind free of thought." While his music may be an acquired taste, it's much different from anything heard before. As such, keeping an open mind is key as often versatility and distinction are what set the regular from the greats. This new song follows the release of  
Haiti Babii's project, Warrior.
The 21-year-old rapper's unorthodox delivery calls to mind both Bay Area faves like E-40 and genre table shakers like Young Thug. Considering how strongly both of those examples has imprinted their uniqueness on the rap game, don't be surprised if the latest Haiti Babii single takes over the airwaves this summer. 
Haiti Babii "Blue Dragon" - Official Music Video   
Click the photo above to download the broadcast master
Haiti Babii found his voice when he discovered his Haitian heritage at age 17. He researched his biological father's last name and learned he is third-generation Haitian. He grew up with his mother and stepfather, but the connection to his paternal family gave him a sense of identity.
Growing up, Haiti Babii was full of energy but couldn't find ways to channel it. In two separate incidents as a teenager, he was shot by the police and was arrested in a case that was later dismissed. While he was in jail, he read books such as Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."
"I learned to put my rage into a hard work ethic, determination and empowerment," he says.
Since the freestyle, Rihanna has followed him on Instagram and Haiti Babii's streaming numbers have doubled. He has two shows lined up, one in Los Angeles on Friday at Catch One and another in Fresno in June supporting New York rapper Young M.A.
No matter what the future holds, he is confident that the freestyle has already secured his place in history.
"You'll never forget that moment," he says. "You'll never forget how creative I was and how free I was and how true to myself I was at that moment."
 Haiti Babii "Blue Dragon" - Official Music Video
Click the photo above to download the broadcast master 
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