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Thursday, December 21, 2017

#smarterhiphop #submission by @kickaversemg Stallone & Weathers | "The Feeling" [Video]

Have you ever had one of those times when everything just seems to flow easily in the right direction with minimal effort? Newly formed Hip-Hop emcee / producer duo NY's Precyce Politix and NC's K-Hill articulate that reflection fully with the Johnny Mathis inspired "The Feeling" video [Shot by Dan S. Lewin]. The two put together a lyrical exhibition, showcasing metaphors, punchlines, subject matter and a classic delivery, epitomising what a true emcee should be without a whisper of mumble, consider it a 'f**k you' to the mainstream. Taken from their recently released, critically acclaimed extended play "Precyce Politix & K-Hill are: Stallone & Weathers" it's the third official visual and a continuity story line from the previous two videos "The First Line" and "Olympics" featuring Mosca Flux.
Brooklyn bred MC, Precyce Politix and North Carolina based artist / producer K-Hill team up to form 'Stallone & Weathers.' They came up with the name while working on the EP, comparing their organic chemistry in the studio to Rocky and Apollo, not wanting to be so obvious with the concept, they decided to name them selves after the actors who played the roles [Sylvester Stallone & Carl Weathers] to avoid corporate red tape. "Stallone & Weathers" has already received recognition from several publications and prominent DJ's like DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, DJ Samps [of WXDU], each of them having a different favorite song. Released via their own imprint Kick-A-Verse Music Group. This is pure lyricism / hip-hop / boom bap at its best, give it a listen [no skips] and see for yourself. #precycepolitix #khill #stalloneandweathers
• Written, Produced by K-Hill for Premature Legend Music [ASCAP]
• Written by Precyce Politix for Iron Mics Unlimited Publishing [ASCAP]
• Recorded, Mixed by Jabre 'Major' Green @ Bullcity Sounds Studios
• Directed, Filmed, Edited by Precyce Politix & Dan S. Lewin
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