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Saturday, December 9, 2017

#Smarterhiphop #submission by @lildave215 Osage (aka Lil'Dave) Releases New EP 'AlgoRhythm Vol.2,' Out Today Via Bastard Jazz


Out Today, December 8th, Via Bastard Jazz

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"Osage, a Philadelphia-based artist whose sound speaks to the diversity of the world, makes music that has a range of influences. You can hear them all in "Right Now," from Caribbean and African rhythms, Bossa Nova to future R&B and electronica and deeper beats."

"Philadelphia producer / DJ Lil'Dave (Osage) has established himself as one of the most eclectic modern producers with a style that encompasses everything from Samba to UK garage"


Known to most as DJ/producer Lil'Dave, the veteran Philadelphia artist has released under a number of different alias thanks to his remarkable genre versatility. For his latest project the artist is returning under his alter-ego Osage, for a project that is the most eclectic of the bunch fusing deep house, samba, African rhythms, futuristic r&b, boogie, uk garage, salsa, broken beat, and soul.

Out today, Osage is revealing his second EP under the moniker titled 'AlgoRhythm Vol.2.' Coming via Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz, the project hears the artist expanding his sound into directions outside of your typical four on the floor dance rhythms. On the handclap driven "Anyway." he melds electronic elements with a soulful piano section (played by Wale Owoade) while the gentle voice of Yemi sings about chasing dreams. As the EP continues on, the carefree vibes of "Right Now" features singer/flautist Brielle over a track with a cracking break beat and some slightly Caribbean undertones. The producer also steps into the realm of Hip House as he provides a shuffling sub bass heavy background on "Hot Sauce" for Philly-based MC The Bul Bey to wax poetic about spicy condiments and the drive for success. As an added bonus, this release includes a special dubbed out remix of "I Found You"(feat. Dezaray Dawn), which was reworked by D.C.'s ambassadors of international beats, The Sol Power All-Stars.

For Osage, this release represents a continuation of his innovative production approach using slightly unorthodox drum programming, layers of synthesizer, and a focus on bringing the soulfullness out of the machines he is working with. To date, the producer has built an enviable discography including remixes  for artists including RJD2, Lady Alma, Ty, Ryat, Captain Planet, Foremost Poets, and more, and originals released via various labels including BBE Records, Tru Thoughts, Record Break-in' Music, Soulspazm, and First Word Records. He is also a member of the highly respected DJ crew Illvibe Collective and the co-host of the internationally known broadcast Eavesdrop Radio.


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