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Monday, December 25, 2017

#Smarterhiphop #submission by @zone6ix @cyhitheprynce Music Submission: Tommie King ft. Cyhi The Prynce Eastside

Tommie King releases his third and final single of 2017, "Eastside" featuring Cyhi The Prynce. Rising artist Tommie King and ATL legend, Cyhi The Prynce are both from the Eastside of Atlanta, so it was only right for the two lyricists to collaborate and create a record that represents where they come from. Cyhi's recent album release, "No Dope On Sundays" proved that he is truly one of the, if not the greatest lyricist to ever represent Atlanta. He continues to prove this as Cyhi and Tommie King equally deliver witty lyrics and punchlines that blend together creating the smooth and southern sound of "Eastside." 

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