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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Things Atlanta Does WELL - find out @smarterhiphop

Atlanta scores best marks on business hotels, barbecue and luxury stores

Atlanta took one on the chin a few weeks back when it ranked as the ninth dirtiest city, according to a Travel+Leisure survey. But that same survey of 35 U.S. cities found some silver lining in the ATL cloud. Here's a quick snapshot of the magazine's profile of Atlanta.
Five things that rank relatively high for the city of Atlanta, according to visitors:
Atlanta ranks eighth among all cities in business hotels and top in the region. Chicago is No. 1 in that category. Perhaps a tad low on the survey, Atlanta is No. 10 in barbecue, but there are also some solid cities in the top 10, Memphis being the best. Fellow Georgian city Savannah ranks sixth.
Atlanta is also home to great luxury stores, ranking 13th, according to the survey. New York City, Las Vegas, and Chicago are Nos. 1, 2, and 3.
Staying along the same line of assets, Atlanta ranked in the top 15 in home decor and design stores. New York City (again) was No. 1.
And finally, Atlanta ranked No. 16 in the survey of big-name luxury hotels. Las Vegas and NYC were 1 and 2, in that order.
In all, the rankings are low across the board for Atlanta. There is one neat feature in which you can pit cities against each other in a faceoff for best overall designation. We tried Atlanta vs. Savannah. We don't want to give away too much, but the winner rhymes with "Schmavannah."
So what do you think? Fair assessment or a case of those folks not understanding what's to like here?