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Thursday, June 23, 2011

@charileboygang got ATL goin watch me beef it up watch me funk it out @smarterhiphop

          Watch me beef it up watch me funk it out !!!!!
                                                     Charlie Boy Gang
mostly known for their New Hit Record Beef it up! 

Beef it up has become a instant street classic in the streets of Atlanta,GA this is a dance song by a local group mostly known by Charlie boy gang there from out of a small town outside Atlanta on the eastside called Scottsdale were they got their  name buzzing  in their back yard starting a demand for the group to perform and make a video which has over 100,000 views on youtube beef it up if you haven't heard is the most requested song in the club on the eastside!!! you should check out the video below beef it up seems like its going to be great way to introduce Scottdale in to a whole another world of opportunistic possibly! check out beef it up here  now! I wont be surprised if this song went nation wide  and even became the #1 video on 106 & park anything is possible! Charlie boy gang are going to shine as one of atlanta's new rival up an coming groups fighting there way to the top of Atlanta music scene hitting the clubs hard with t shirts passing out cds performing at every club  in that area we have seen charlie boy gang on action in the streets and in the club! now there name is starting to ramble around a bit! everybody's talking about that new song beef it up check it out here right now it's a must see!!!

                        S/O to @BEEFITTEAM & @beefitcrew 
                              Da hood report!