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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slate Stone


Slate Stone:
Passion and Zeal for the Industry-- Immersed in the culture of Hip Hop since early childhood, Slate Stone, born Tomas Juan Carlos Sawyer, began expressing his love for music. Through his experience with producing, writing and performing, Slate has evolved himself into a very talented and well-balanced artist. Known for his creative wordplay and razor-sharp lyricism, Slate Stone has proven himself proficient in the world of Hip-Hop. Slate’s 10-year dedication to his craft has been his most vaulable asset. A Texas native, Slate has been playing the piano and singing for his church since the young age of 9. He is also a skilled drummer and accomplished guitar player. Known as one of the best rap/hip-hop acts in the West Texas region, Slate Stone’s skills, from start to finish, are recognized through his high level of intensity and lyrical genius. In a recent interview with Study Breaks Magazine, Slate Stone was asked about his ardor for the industry, he had this to say: “I wanna show the music industry what it really takes to get recognized and respected”, Slate said. “You can’t just put a MySpace page up and expect that to make your career. You gotta sell yourself and if you’re any good, your craft will follow. You have to create a compelling impact -- it’s all about the hustle and dedication to music.” Slate has toured with Mike Jones, Bo Hagen, Ying-Yang Twins and Paul Wall, to name a few. With his influences ranging from Notorious BIG and Common, to Black Thought and Jay-Z, it’s no wonder this producer turned rapper is primed for the big-time.

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* My Videos can be found @ this YouTube channel Link--> {http://www.youtube.com/user/MrSlayton1000}
* My latest mixtape "Tha Stoneage" Volume 1 by Dj Mex --> {http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Mex_Slate_Stone_Stone_Age_Volume_1.m188903.html}

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