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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

J-Murk 1st video Introduction to Hiphop

Who is J-Murk... Queens, NYC born and raised; Jordan M. Mercado now a Phoenix resident performs under the moniker J-Murk. Independently managed and represented, this 19 year old flit-tounged lyrical phenom has been honing and redefining the art-form for just 5 short years. In that time he has garnered a Myspace auidience and following of six digit proportion. He prides his culturally diverse upbringing, early exposure to the arts and various musical genres, an eclectic mix of friends and family as his core inspiration. professionally, he sites a range of artists from the vintage style pioneers Bone Thugs & Harmony to posthumous Big L and more more recently Eminem. J-Murk's style however, is all his own; the eloquence of his metaphoric prose, rhythmic cadence, and keen with is precedence-setting in the current underground Hip Hop scene. Like Murkury, the greek God of Messengers, his delivery is unmatched and insurmountable.