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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Da Bomb Of The Week: Read the interview with Soundclick superstar Johnny Juliano. He talks about what it takes to make beats for a living. Something in here for all of you to learn from and get inspired by.
On The Front Line: The next NFX challenge is up. It's a sample challenge this time and top prize is worth over $700 retail! There is no entry fee, but only the first 20 entries are eligible. Read more about the sample challenge and rules.
The Weapon Of Choice: JamaR discovered a free, super realistic Rhodes VST called MrTramp2. This is a great little plug-in that is a nearly perfect simulation of the soulful Wurlitzer(TM) 200A Electric Piano. This will add emotion and boost those R&B tracks you want to make.
Final Notes: There are a lot of things for you to do here at Warbeats so you owe it to yourself to get informed and try the other areas you may be missing. See the About Warbeats page for a rundown of what you can do here.
A shout out to longtime family member Saha who dropped a cypher and shared it with us.
A special thanks to B&E Beats who took the time to review his Beats By Dre cans.