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Thursday, January 24, 2019

#submission by New > Gobby > announces "Beats By Gobby 2" on UNO NYC > watch "Trunk Netts" video here

watch the "Trunk Netts" video here

"Beats By Gobby 2"

out 14th February 2019 on


Watch video for
"Trunks Nett" here


Gobby is from Boston, Massachusetts. After barely graduating high school by 0.5 percent on a required history test, he went to Roxbury Community College for accounting for like a semester while dishwashing at Panera. That was wack as hell so then he went to NYC to further pursue a dishwashing career, while DJing and sometimes performing live music and drawing. His ears haven't stopped ringing in a decade and his ear doctor recommended he get hearing aids - he's still working on that and getting insurance and stuff. Still, that hasn't stopped him from making Beats by Gobby 2, the essential soundtrack to play to your pet geckos in the morning or to practice tricks on your Tech Deck.

Lead single Trunks Nett sounds like a carousel ride after drinking above the legal limit of Monster energies and cutting loose a little too much. The video was directed by 
Adult Swim and Thrasher-approved Tony Derosa of Fancy Lad, blending in real fingerboard tricks and fantasy Geico footage - the video gives you a sneak peek into Gobby's weird and wonderful world.
Gobby's beats slap, which is probably why he's landed production credits for Mykki Blanco (Gay Dog Food beats are found on the "legal" version of the release in place of the bootlegs), James K, and UNO's Seth. Gobby started making clothes recently with Fun House and scored music for New York's Gauntlett Cheng. Oh, he also happened to make 20 beautiful blue BBG22 hats too so 
get them while they last!
You'll probably catch Gobby wearing one at a bar deep in Chinatown trying to get better at pinball or at home writing orchestral arrangements. Beats by Gobby 2 is the next chapter of his original Beats by Gobby release on UNO, following the No Mercy Bad Poet release on DFA and his last effort El Honko Mixed on HOSS. Weaving plunderfonics, instrumental hip-hop, wonky, and experimental trap in with a series of ever changing and enveloping beats, this may be Gobby's most eclectic yet (if that wasn't already possible). It's everyone's favourite sequel.

Pre-order to get a limited Beats By Gobby 2 Dad hat here:


"Trunk Netts" video premiered on The FADER here

For more information > Sebastian Burford > seb@worldwidefriendlysociety.com

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