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Saturday, January 26, 2019

#Submission by @delta6music keep it 100 on youtube

Delta 6 - Keep It 100 (Ft. Darion Walker) (Music Video)

Keep It 100, produced by Delta 6 featuring Darion Walker takes vybe music to a different, yet familiar area. Unique sound design and solid vocals from both 6 and Darion gives Keep It 100 a distinct yet killer sound.
Watch "Keep It 100" on YouTube Here
About Delta 6

Delta 6 is a producer, songwriter, and artist who started producing music in the group he created called the Delta Collective. Under the Collective, the original six members bore numbers instead of names (Delta 1-6). Due to creative differences, the Collective dissipated leaving Delta 6 to pursue solo endeavours. His debut EP, 'Project Delta' was released in late 2018 and was entirely produced by him.

Stream "Project Delta"
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