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Saturday, February 25, 2023

#Smarterhiphop New Music Submission

Sada Baby - SHONUFF

Sada Baby Is Locked & Loaded With Explicit Cuts Unlike Any Other – SHONUFF Is Online Everywhere.

Ever since the release of his very first singles online back in 2016, Sada Baby has carved out a verifiable career in music by professionally disrupting the entire industry. Whether it's been his explicit attitude and 3D lyricism, the massive beats he's worked with from day one, or the featured guests he's worked with and supported along the way – every move Sada Baby has made has been noticed by the industry from the moment he first stepped up to the mic. After racking up millions upon millions of hits, clicks, and views as he rose to the top, he could have already retired as one of the best to ever do it – but like the true legend he is, Sada Baby continually finds a way to level up from the last time you heard him, and SHONUFF, he's back with a brand-new record that completely confirms that he's still on his way up.

Dropping an epic album online that contains twenty explosive tracks that reveal the seamless flow and undeniable swagger of Sada Baby in the prime of his career, SHONUFF is fully loaded with stylistic beats, hard-hitting lyricism that's explicit AF, and authentically edgy material so sharp that it could cut a bitch. With tracks produced by some of the most legendary names in the game today lending their talents and time to the album like MIAJAYC, PRIMO BEATS, DTB, and LEECHOPPN, in addition to a supreme lineup of all-stars that includes verbal titans like LIL YACHTY, WIZ KHALIFA, and SUKIHANA in the mix – SHONUFF boasts a powerful set-list that is 100% second to none, designed to be bumped as loud as your system can take it. Full proof that no one does it like Sada Baby does it – SHONUFF is straight-up different in all the right ways, and guaranteed to be the most sought-out record released by any artist in the game this year. Available on every major music platform online NOW – Sada Baby's created an experience that no one will ever forget & an album that will permanently cement his legacy once & for all time – SHONUFF.

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