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Monday, September 9, 2019

#Smarterhiphop submission by @mauimaxx Newark, New Jersey rapper Maui Max Drops His New EP E.W.O.F. (Everything Works Out Fine) & Music Video for "E.W.O.F."


I hope all is well. My name is Damian Davenport that's an editor at HOT 107.9/Shade 45 Djiceberg.com and works with an artist Maui Max. He's 25 years old rapper raised in Newark, New Jersey but resides in Atlanta, GA now. Going through depression and a dark time in his life, he bounce back with a his new 8-track project entitized E.W.O.F. (Everything Works Out Fine) on September 1st. He released visuals recently for "Ball" and "Want It All" last month. He's back from a hiatus over a year ago from releasing a collective of songs for his Maui Mondays last October. In the past Maui collaborated with artists such as Sy Ari Da Kid, Quentin Miller, and Damar Jackson. I attached his pictures, music links and social media links below. Thank you for your time for going over the content in this email. Please let me know if you need anything in on my end.

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Description :  After going through a dark time, Maui Max bounces back harder than ever with his first official body of work E.W.O.F aka Everything Works Out Fine, fully produced by long time friend LaCoMusic. Uplifting and encouraging people of all walks of life who faces life's hardships and obstacles to just stay cool and ball out and embrace things getting worse before they get better. This project is very diverse from raw hip hop to melodic flows, a vibe you want to be sure to check out.



Stream Link : https://ffm.to/mauimaxewof

Spotify Link : https://open.spotify.com/album/5LCPz321wecPN27ZoYKbVt?si=2FVVN7mDQKaak1oEiePX7w

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Link: https://youtu.be/oc3jI-2av4E

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Bio : Maui Max, 25, artist from Newark, NJ. Started making music in 2013 after moving to Atlanta, GA. Being raised around legendary rappers such as, Naughty by Nature and Chino XL through his father, music, hip hop in particular was always a first love but never realistic. Wasn't until he moved to ATL where he would become high school friends with artist who would bring him to the studio to just be a fly on the wall and small features that he decided to take it serious and pursue a career. From there he would go on to build relationships with heavy hitters such as Swisher Sweets where he then performed at Masquerade for their Atlanta run of Swisher Sweet Pack Night. From there he would perform at SXSW and A3C where he won over a lot more fans. After catching a buzz in New Jersey and ATL through his #MauiMonday run, a series of new music being dropped every Monday for a month, life hardships and obstacles started to arrive and the music had to take the backburner as he had his 2nd child while dealing with homelessness, fighting depression and a short lived drug addiction. After returning home to New Jersey to get much needed help, Maui now returns better than ever being very open about his struggles and a new purpose to help and inspire people who go through the hardships in life with a cool, bad boy attitude in the music, always speaking his mind, telling his story and documenting the growth step by step. Wavy music you can bump with your homeboys/homegirls while still staying true to the roots of Hip Hop.


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