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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

#smarterhiphop New Music Submission by @Nina43N9ne

NinaN9ne - DeActive Status

DeActive Status producers by Lezter and video shot by Autumn Kelly of Beauty Is A Beast Photography, is a shot at all facebook gangsters Twitter terrorist threats and instalames and bringing hiphop back to the raw in your face type of music like old school NWA and doing the new SFM way letting everyone know that it's time to turn off those active status and get back to real life... to much is put into social media now days and most people do not kno how to live in the real world anymore..... stop faking about it and live the things they rap about.....
Watch "Numbers" on YouTube Here
About NinaN9ne

NinaN9ne is independent artist born is Californa, raised in Dallas Tx but Colorado Springs is his very close 3rd home.... With an sound very familiar to hiphop heads as the resurrecting 90s style of hip hop NinaN9ne let's true hiphop heads know that der is a future to rap music, worldstarhiphop curators have said that he is the sound of the new generation.... recognized by James Harden and TMZ in 2018 for his work on hit single "Petrafyde" hes quietly become a sensation in the UK and Germany and seems like hes going to take the states by storm as late as November 2019 or early 2020.... hiphop fan or not remember the name NinaN9ne itll be around for awhile.