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Monday, April 22, 2019

New Music Submission by @adamwith3xs

"Adam XXX- Vanguard"

The name of the album is Vanguard. The entire album was produced by Adam XXX and all visuals that follow will be directed by Adam XXX. The album is an honest portrayal of the last 2 years- a journey through depression, loneliness and religion. The album wrestles with the ideas of friendships, God and love through a myriad of genres.

Stream "Vanguard" on Spotify Here
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About Adam XXX

Adam XXX is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, rapper and singer trying to warp and bend the genres defining rap in the UK. Born in London and surrounded by sounds of jazz, rock, rnb and gospel, a lot of those influences has blended into his music. As an artist, Adam XXX tries to bare his soul in all of his music.

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