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Friday, February 8, 2019

#Submission @DumasXPNTL @balegang_tez DumasXPNTL - I Like [DJ Pack]



#ATLTop20 #Certified !!!

XPNTL Limited  Presents:

DumasXPNTL - "I Like"

feat. Bale Gang Tez

[Prod. by DumasXPNTL]


Featured In Our February Edition ATL Top 20 Stimulus Package!!!

(Clean and Dirty Versions)

Stream Here






IG: @DumasXPNTL, @4l_balegang
Twitter: @DumasXPNTL, @balegang_tez
Facebook: DumasXPNTL














           Respectfully  Almando Mcfadden aka @DJMONDOENT 
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