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Saturday, May 4, 2013

J. Peguero (@jpegueromusic) - "Callin'" (Official Video) find out @Smarterhiphop

J. Peguero Launches Highly Anticipated Official Video To Hit Single "Callin'"

As J. Peguero is taking radio airwaves across the U.S. by storm with his latest Callin', the time has arrived for the official video release.

Callin' is inspired by the challenges of personal sacrifice that are often made while in pursuit of providing for family.  It has sparked a global movement and has definitely struck an emotional nerve with individuals and families from all different walks of life that are currently faced with this circumstance.  The video provides a look into the story of two families experiencing the emotional roller coaster associated with these situations, all while highlighting the travels and life of J. Peguero.

Although this is the most overused term in the industry, the Callin' video undoubtedly deserves the tag of a M-O-V-I-E!
VIDEO: J. Peguero (@jpegueromusic) - "Callin'" (Official Video)