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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

@WizKhalifa VS Concert Promoter in $1 Milllion Lawsuit find out @SMARTERHIPHOP STORY VIA @MP3WAXX

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is reportedly suing a concert promoter for $1 million over a cancelled concert.

Wiz claims that the It’s My Party, Inc. hired him to perform at George Mason University for $85,000 and a portion of the concert profits, but It’s My Party cancelled the show at the last second over supposed lackluster ticket sales. However, Wiz contends that the manner in which It’s My Party, Inc. handled the concert damaged his reputation.

The promotion company argues that they don’t owe the Taylor Gang rapper a dime, however, as It’s My Party claims that it never signed an official contract with Wiz.  story via  MP3WAXX.com   

Smarter hiphop is about one thing and this is a great example simple in plain sight with this story ! paper work is the most important thing  and aspect of this music industry you have to know this part of you will never win in this business! Hiphop is business and big business so you have to have you paper trail right in front of you or learn the hard way and you behind it! You have started on the path if you are reading this blog