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Friday, March 30, 2012

#Nowplaying Money on the Table @young_donuk ft @bobiilewis & mo #Officialvideo #BeEpic #via #youtube @smarterhiphop #videodjs

20 year old Bobii Lewis is a singer/songwriter/rapper/producer from London with a soulful silky voice, charming attitude and a winner’s mentality. He has recently been acknowledged in The Sun newspaper by American singer and X Factor affiliate Sinitta as a future star. We caught up with Bobii on his current projects…
At such a young age you are already being tipped to be the ‘next big thing’. How have you got to where you are today?
I have been working really hard sacrificing a lot of time perfecting my craft and  building up material with the belief that it will pay off.  Also, I have taken advice from the right people and applied it in ways  that has helped me to come to where I am today.
What’s it like being mentored by Sinitta? Have you ever been tempted to audition on the X Factor?
Sinitta has a very down to earth character and I really appreciate all  the support she’s given me but the key person in my development has been my manager. Although I enjoy the show, I have never thought of being a  contestant on the X Factor, I would rather come up through the ranks on  the UK scene and develop accordingly.
Your voice appeals to a range of genres but which is your favorite?
I’ve always loved slow jams and soul music but I’m always experimenting  with different genres as I am a fan of all types of music.
Who are you influenced by in the music industry, past or present?
I admire Kanye’s style of music in general but his first album College  Dropout was the biggest influence on me. A range of singers like, Bob  Marley, Michael Jackson, Boys 2 Men and Musiq Soulchild have also been a great influence on my music.
What’s the next in the pipeline and where can we see you?
I’m currently in the middle of a mash up series (a set of 5 videos  released on YouTube every 2 weeks) and there are two more to come to  complete the set which can be found on my  Youtube Channel . I am also featuring on a track that’s  currently picking up interest from radio and TV with Young Don, Joe  Black and Cerose, “Money On The Table”, (see video below). I haven’t got a string of dates  at the moment but if you want to know where I’m performing then follow  me on Twitter or join my fan page on Facebook  to be the first to know.